Services & Rates

Please ask about a project-specific package to fit your needs.


$ 65 $ 55* / Hour
  • World-class gear and microphones
  • Impeccable microphone techniques
  • Personalized Headphone Mixes
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$ 419 $ 349* / Song
  • Your mix will be done on an analog SSL console
  • Mix prep work included
  • We’ll use vintage gear with the latest plugins
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$ 99 $ 75* / Song
  • We’ll use our classic EQs & compressors
  • We’ll use our analog tape deck (if needed)
  • You'll get masters for iTunes & digital dist.
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Studio Recording at Mix11

Having high-quality microphones, preamps and outboard gear is only the beginning. Our decades of experience and deep knowledge of our craft will ensure nothing less than the best recording possible.

Our custom-built studio was designed with beautiful, live acoustics in mind, and can be quickly reconfigured for any setup.

It’s our job to adapt to the unique needs of every performer and help them feel confident enough to deliver their best performance, so that we can capture it in stunning detail.

Mixing with Us

There is a reason “mix” is in our name. It is our speciality. We pour our heart and soul into every mix to ensure it’s punchy, nuanced, and able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any mix in your record collection.

Our hybrid mixing system integrates state-of-the-art digital signal processing with some of the best vintage analog gear ever made (check out our equipment and software). You won’t believe your ears.

Each mix includes up to 2 hours of revisions. Additional revisions billed at $70/hr $55/hr.

Mastering with Us

Mastering is the final polish we add to a track before it’s ready to be published. We’ll make sure the volume level is competitive, but not overcompressed, and we’ll sweeten the mix, ensuring all frequencies are balanced.

The mix can be further enhanced through stereo widening, analog processing, and addressing phase or sibilance issues. Finally, we can glue everything together by using our vintage Ampex ATR-102 1/2” tape deck.

*All prices are in Canadian dollars. Advertised rates are for independent labels and musicians only and are subject to change.

Additional Services

Voiceover Recording

Having had the honor of working with MGM, Martin Short, Catherine O’Hara, and Conrad Vernon, we have experience catering to the unique needs of voiceover work for TV & film.

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Remote Sessions

If you are a producer in another city working with local talent, we can bring you completely into a live session with Source-Connect, Pro Tools, and Skype (some setup required).

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Location Recording

We have recorded hundreds of choirs, orchestras, and bands performing live in many acoustical environments. Our service area covers the Greater Toronto Area.

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Audio Editing

With Studio One and Melodyne, we can surgically address timing and pitch issues with any performance, as well as craft novel sounds by manipulating audio at the waveform level.

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Sonic Restoration

Using sophisticated tools like iZotope RX, we can surgically repair damaged audio and increase clarity by removing pops, clicks, noise, hum, hiss, and clipping distortion.

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Private Audio Lessons

Learn to record, mix, and master audio in our studio (or yours) with private, 1-on-1 sessions with Daryl Sarnat, our Lead Engineer with more than 20 years of pro audio experience.

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